Posted by: Madhavi CN | April 26, 2010

Dare to (admit) fear

A little near fear and I chide myself for acknowledging it. It took me a while to realize that the world thrives on it. ‘To fear’ is to risk being a coward and you are sure to be surrounded by friendly statements like ‘your fear is baseless'(analytical); ‘nothing is achieved by fear'(patronly);’why are you so scared?'(curious)…But I think we need to have conviction(?) to admit fear. Isn’t that so?

Let me probe this a little further, perhaps that may give me the courage to admit my fear!

Fear of loneliness leads to compromises in relationships. Why can’t we choose an adventure and explore ourselves instead?

Fear of poverty leads to greed and hoarding. Shall we spend some time to understand the origin of the junk that got piled up, rather than aim at clearing it up absent mindedly?

Fear of oldage leads to the market of ‘age-defying’ beauty products and processes. Can we  once dare to look at the mirror and admire the ‘lived-in’ person there?

Fear of failure leads to procrastination. Shall we remind ourselves that today is the day and ‘now’ is all that we can be sure of?

Fear of illness makes us paranoid. Can we wonder about the beauty around and forget ourselves for a little while?

I fear. Now what next?


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