Posted by: Madhavi CN | April 26, 2010

Kill Boredom.

Bored is a big word. It fills my world at times and drowns me totally. I try to peep out of it reluctantly (what a joy to just lie down and stare and call it all ‘contemplation’!) and succumb to the nothingness without much effort.  Occasionally, I try to fight it and go about brainstorming to find a cure for it.

Boredom is of different kinds and has various reasons. Sometimes you feel like not doing what you like/have to do. You want to do ‘something’ but are not sure of what it is. Everything around is just the same and you simply crave for change. At times you get into the phase where we are temporarily done with hearing the chatter of your love interest. There are also times when the silence from this segment pushes us into the ‘B’ state. It could be one or all of the above.

Now that we gave ‘boredom’ a serious (read it as bored, it helps you fall into the groove) look, we shall list the ways to murder (kill is the more appropriate word, but I am trying to make this a grave business-pun intended) it.

1. Make Lists: They could be of things you want to do, people you want to meet, books you want to read, birthdays you want to forget, people you want to kick, experiences that make you sick, food that you love to lick, memories that make you tick…got the hang of it???

2. Watch: Every thing is eligible for this: those that move, those that cannot/do not  and those that do not ‘want’ to (eg: SO watching the game/soap, children on a sunday morning, sucker fish…). Yes, you may also watch clouds and decide on the shapes. It could be the jaw of a toothless golden-oldie, the incessant swing of the dog’s tail, curtain’s flutter, the news-reader on mute…the best bet here is bollywood dances on mute (call me not gross).

3. Cut/Break/Powder/Smash: Go about this activity with abandon. A word of caution is pick those entities that do not have legal implications. This activity has the double benefit of releasing those pent-up emotions. 

4. Create: It could be a million doodles (consider the posibility of  you being the author of ‘Doodling for Dummies’…pretty motivating) or a pile of the bread crumbs on your plate. It could be anything – even ‘creating a mess’ .

5. Call: Pick the phone and call the 1-800. Have fun

6…: Last but not the least ‘blog on boredom’. Its a work in progress, so the toil goes on. Post and keep posted.

Boo Booo Boooored???


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