Posted by: Madhavi CN | April 28, 2010

Growing up with kids – Part 1

I am surrounded by energy, wonder, curiosity, trust and possibilities: I am surrounded with kids!!! A dozen of them come to my  summer camp ( to have fun while learning. I get the better deal here as I get to learn more from them! Each one has got something to teach me everyday and the lessons never get boring.

Their ambitions range from ‘growing up’ to becoming the President of India. Some of the versatile ones want to don more than one role, like be an astronaut and a footballer, teacher and a doctor, an engineer and a doctor…They never doubt their potential or the practicality. It is definitely possible to teach medicine and become a teacher-cum-doc but maybe it is also OK to attempt to kick a ball in zero gravity or be an engineer who studies the health of complex structures!

They know what they want, only it takes a little while for some of them to voice it out.  One enters the camp singing that he wants to cut paper that day while another mumbles leaning on the wall that painting is what she wants to do. Then there is one who knows he has to do more activities to call it a day so he chants all the activities under one breath. But you must see the one who wants to be in the camp just to relax ‘actively’. I say ‘active’ because they are found in every activity, slyly pulling someone’s pigtails or scribbling on another’s masterpiece or tripping the eager dancer by stretching their leg sedately. They do not intend any harm as we need to believe it as purely coincidental. It gets easier to resolve when we assume so.

The day is filled with surprises. With little gifts that they offer me, what else can I call it. This Monday I got a carefully coloured and sealed box. I opened it to find some dried flowers. Just as I was about to thank for the potpourri, I was told that they were flowers to be decked in my hair; the only constraining element was that they were collected on the Friday!

Let me see what surprises are awaiting me tomorrow…


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