Posted by: Madhavi CN | May 1, 2010

A journey within

Our experiences in the journey to find the unknown/our-true-self are interesting, challenging and at times out-of-the-world. We need to be guided by greater forces to reach our inner soul. Isn’t it the destination that is the most difficult to reach? Sometimes, we reach it but for a fleeting moment! Atleast that has been my experience so far.

All that I learnt  so far is to be as transparent to myself as possible and to cut out on the hype. Life becomes lighter that way. Occasionally I end up deviating from the same…carried away by the stresses of mundane life and meaningless conversations.

Can we enrich everything we touch and inturn get enriched by all our experiences??? Can we get involved positively in our tasks without becoming passionate about it all (the Gita way)??? Does being aware of our follies help us in not commiting them??? These are some of the questions to contemplate.

I have not found a perennial answer yet.


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