Posted by: Madhavi CN | May 10, 2010

Managers – Making the performance happen

A company hires its managers for what they can do or did in their earlier assignments. Once in, they are recognized and remunerated not for what they do but for the results they get. Most often these results are produced, not by the manager but by other people. The manager’s role in the outcome is that of a facilitator and a catalyst.

Once equipped with the right skills and strategy to get lasting results, it is important for a manager to involve the team and the people affected.  The prime areas that need to be given a thorough look to ensure that are:


  • Recruitment
  • Communications
  • Performance review
  • Staff Planning
  • Training
  • External relationships


  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Cost impact:
    • Using minimal resources (least input)
    • Carrying lowest stocks possible (JIT)
    • Occupying least space possible
  • Timelines


Short Term (Up to 1 yr):

  • Getting sales
  • Controlling costs
  • Making profit
  • Gathering information/ market study

Medium Term (1 – 3yrs):

  • Setup implementations of long term ideas – New geographies, products or extended services

Long Term (5 – 10yrs):

  • Fulfil the marketing needs at a profit


  • Invoicing & credit control
  • Paying debts
  • Maintain statutory records
  • Consulting with tax-collecting bodies
  • Organizing and facilitating audits

With regard to other departments:

  • Capital investment appraisal
  • Operating costing systems



  • Recording and reporting performance – overall as well as individual
  • Consolidating individual performance and targets to agree with overall performance and objectives
  • Forecasting the financial health
  • Producing statutory accounts
  • Designing, installing, operating and maintaining systems to ensure results on time


And finally, the boss’s view of how good one is at their job will be largely based on:

  • how well one’s people have performed
  • how best the resources have been optimized
  • how intelligent the processes and systems are


Good luck!


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