Posted by: Madhavi CN | May 15, 2010

Looking Through The JOHARI Window

We achieve personal and professional growth by expanding ‘OPEN SELF’. We can in fact only discover information in ‘BLIND SELF’ and ‘HIDDEN SELF’ in interactions/relationships by listening to others (BLIND SELF) and by disclosing to others (HIDDEN SELF). The only way we can reach ‘UNKNOWN SELF’ is by reflection, and again this often works best when supported by others.

Having established the significance of ‘others’ in our self-improvement and progress, let us focus on the how to change the ways others see ‘YOU”:

1. Reaching out to people

2. Formal one-to-one meetings with senior managers

3. Any one-to-one opportunities

4. Your contribution to teams

5. Relationships outside the organization (Networking)


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