Posted by: Madhavi CN | June 7, 2010

Learn an Art – OFTEN

Learning to represent the emotions and impressions requires a certain amount of initial deliberation. The flow gets smooth once you are done with it. The effort should be an interactive session with yourself based on OFTEN – ‘Observe’, ‘Feel’, ‘Think’, ‘Express’ & ‘Note’. Throw the ‘criticize’, ‘rethink’, ‘recreate’ actions for the time-being. The purpose is to break free and feel comfortable dealing with the deluge of ideas, feelings, thoughts and self-doubt.

OFTEN is done by every child but as years go by each tends to ignore one or more of these key skills. So it is important for us to bring in the child in us into this track through a ‘creative avocation’. If the child in us has already shown certain interest and skill in art, it becomes easier to guide ourselves through this simple process.

Distraction and doubt are limited to the intial adaption phase. Once you cross that stage, expression becomes enjoyable, be it in the form a speech, a performance, a writeup or an artwork. Learn something new or find the newness in something old. Enjoy being a complete YOU!


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