Posted by: Madhavi CN | July 14, 2010

(Early to bed), Early to rise…

I know that morning-persons are as intelligent and as productive as the night-owls (why can’t we call us night-persons?). Yet, I end up in doubt. Whoever framed ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ knew the art of convincing. I remind myself of great people ‘burning the midnight oil’ but there had been not much data collected on their wake-up timings.

If someone wakes me up at 7am, I need to sleepwalk until I have my morning dose of caffeine. Leave me without an agenda for the day and I can be on a sleep-sail till 8:25am. Yeah the number is precisely that as it is the result of many years of observation. Those that wake before it is 6:30am are in my opinion the epitome of ‘discipline’. Between to 5-6:30 are ‘saints’ and anything earlier than that are ‘crazy’. I have high regard to crazyness when it is a natural occurance and is not a put-on just to be different!

Those rare days that I wakeup before the sun, I end up with a mug of coffee (not the instant one but the authentic south Indian kaapi) and a book to read or my journal to fill in. The coolness in the air, the soft whisper in the dark morning silence, the smell of leaves and flowers that are touched by the dew, the view of dynamic stillness all-around fills all my senses with the right energy. That feeling is amazing and yet it is tough to repeat more often.

I resolve, every now and then, to see the first rays of sun while they are still stationed at the horizon. But what I end up is usually with the reflected beam from the window pane of my bedroom that is on the West.


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