Posted by: Madhavi CN | July 18, 2010

Blessings in Disguise: A Secret Happiness

It is a secret happiness that fills me when:

  1. The electricity goes off while watching the match on TV…for I can afford rambling with my family
  2. There is a long wait at the doc…for I can read the long pending book
  3. My Inbox overflows…for it means work is plenty and world is normal
  4. We have a flat tyre on the highway…for it is becomes a spot for ready picnic
  5. Someone I care sulks…for I can have fun with their inner-child
  6. My bones hurt and my body is sore…for I can take the day off and get pampered
  7. My fridge is all empty…for it gets easier to avoid eating junk
  8. The days are jam-packed with serious work…for I can enjoy my off days better
  9. The signal does not reach the mobile…for I can enjoy life sans cell phone sounds
  10. My daughter’s KG class teacher falls sick..for I get a chance to substitute her
  11. All around are asleep and I am wide awake..for I get chance to do my thing, read, paint or write like this
  12. Not many read my blog…for it gives me the opportunity to write in abandon!!!

And the count goes on…



  1. I am also training myself
    to see all things as blessings..
    And yes I am not many
    so I will be reading your entries.

    • Thanks for all the positive comments. The world truly needs some positivity and joy – I am finding it some on your blog. And the benders’ energy for creating ‘bendedspoons’ is quite infectious. 😉

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