Posted by: Madhavi CN | July 18, 2010

Creating Lasting Change in Life

‘Change’ brings strong responses in even sober people. While some go the extra mile to avoid it, others find their lives stagnating without it.  But all agree to ‘change is the only constant’ – true and a cliché.

The New Year begins with resolutions for changing a variety of things. Some look forward to make these positive changes on special days – birthdays, job change, graduation and so on. Those who consider every day as an opportunity to start afresh, resolve everyday. The one common thread among all these is that they admit ‘change is tough’ – to start with and to last.  

The difference between winners, runners, quitters and watchers  is decided by two words viz., interest and commitment. Yes, there is a lot of difference in being ‘interested in’ something and being ‘committed to’ it.

Taking commitment for granted, here is how we achieve lasting change:

Step 1: Raise the standards – And now is the moment to do it. Do it for all the dimensions of life – Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Spiritual.

Step 2: Change the limiting beliefs – This is not about others’ but our own self’s. A belief can be changed only if : (1) we associate massive pain with the exisiting belief and (2) we create doubt by constantly questioning the belief.

Step 3: Change the personal strategy – Many ‘know’ what to do, but just a few actually ‘do’ what they know.

Any pattern of emotion or behaviour that is continually reinforced will be conditioned to become a natural response. On the same note, anything we fail to reinforce will eventually dissipate or get ignored.


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