Posted by: Madhavi CN | July 18, 2010

Moments that no camera captures

Slowdown. Reach out. Treasure them. There are so many great, unrepeatable, priceless moments going by while we are watching the SENSEX or worrying our heads off about the next business day or merely carrying on with our everyday living. Beware they are unrepeatable. So? Slowdown, reach out and treasure them.

A few of the million moments that no camera can capture:

  • Your child searching for you in the audience from the stage on his/her first performance and the gleeful wave on finding you.
  • The twinkle in the eyes of your parents as they relate stories about years long gone
  • The first fall from the bicycle and the crestfallen look
  • S.O’s look that says ‘all would be ok’ when all is not ok
  • The pride of the fresher when taking the first offer letter
  • The smile of the stranger as you slow the car to let them pass
  • Fleeting look of an old flame across the room, on memories of ‘that song’
  • The shy thanks to an unexpected compliment
  • Joyful shrieks from the kids as the rain stops and the sun peeps out and the outing is after all on
  • Grandparents dozing off to sleep while trying to put the grandkids to bed
  • And a lot more!

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