Posted by: Madhavi CN | July 23, 2010

Total Visionaries – My Dad & Sister

At 69, dad felt his view of the world needs a change. At I-can’t-tell-her-years-for-you-may-guess-mine, sister knew she had to see things independently. Dad needed a cataract operation and sis needed a LASIK (surgery for myopia to do away with her spectacles).

Together they went to the Opthalmologist in a well known corporate eye hospital. These are called ‘corporate’ hospitals because they work like one! They have a marketing and sales division which ‘get patients’ and ‘ensure revenue’. These departments give sales training to the doctors too and give them sales targets! Most doctors in these hospitals are star salesmen. I will not digress on that.

The doc (will refer the complicated Opthalmologist as ‘doc’ to save on my typing time) checked on dad first. Found that apart from the cataract he had a lazy eye. Now what is a lazy eye, was the big question. Ha! Ha! Eyes are windows to soul, but are they windows to habit too? (Pray that dad doesn’t read this) On a serious note, dad is not lazy, he is just a little too thoughtful. At his age, that is  what you  call it. More importantly, he has a right to it for he has earned it over years of sheer hardwork in solitaire-less offices. Anyway after the doc’s observation, dad is going about proudly declaring lazyness in him was left right in his left eye alone! I guess, it was from him I got my optimism. My sister wanted to be better informed and the doc enlightened that a lazy eye is one which simply stops seeing just because the other eye is working fine. I thought both eyes shared the same job responsibilities!

My sister’s pre-operative eye examination was very hopeful. Doc said she was fit for LASIK surgery and the only point to note was that she needs to rest her eyes for a couple of days. After that she can drive the car during the day but to drive in the night, she may need a week more. Having never really driven a car on Hyderabad roads, the doc’s statement was a sure incentive. And if he had added when my sister could swim post-surgery, I too would have considered a LASIK even if I had no myopia. Now that is what we call being long-sighted – swimming and driving expert with just one LASIK!

The hospital had all sorts of marketing gimmicks. There was a discount offer of 10% on all surgeries. There were 3 price slabs to make a choice from. And there was also ‘pick your doc scheme’. The only thing the hospital did not have was the 1+1 offer!!!

After paying a huge amount for less than 20 minute (pay more for less?) surgeries both came home as true visionaries!

Now I hope they cannot miss the goodness in anything, especially me!!!


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