Posted by: Madhavi CN | July 24, 2010

Diagnostic Qs for Every Business

10 questions that every business must answer with complete honesty, moreso if it is an SME:

1. Raison d’etre: What is our business – who are our customers, how & why do we serve them?

2. What makes our company different and how can we sustain that?

3. How to stay ahead of competition?

4. How well can we make the business known to customers?

5. Are the costs competitive? How well can the customers be convinced to buy at the right price and on the right terms?

6. How good and effective is our after-sales presence? Is our quality atleast good or excellent?

7. Are we tracking on what is happening in the business, day-to-day? Does management team respond well to change?

8. Are we using the latest technology and is the IS effective and efficient?

9. Do we have enough cash to grow the business?

10.  Is the behaviour of employees & management consistent with the needs of the business?


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