Posted by: Madhavi CN | July 24, 2010

Thank you for the things that you taught!

Thank you!

Mom: Giving feedback is not about being frank. It is about bringing in the needed change.
SO: No point in spending energies on proving the point through discussion when you can do the same in action.
Dad:Do it well or don’t do it
Juneeta, my 4-year old: Do it now
Radhika, my sister: Don’t have patience for extending the argument when there are so many lovely  diversions
Chandu: Even if it standing and sipping tea at a roadside stall, do it with poise.
Prahlad, my 7-year old nephew: Always keep a track of your score.                                                                                                               Sunil Robert, my colleague: Never get married and take up a new job at the same time.
Anand: Eat healthy. Stay happy.
Naren: There is a lot to appreciate.                                                 Pinni: Do what you do. There is no need explaining to all.
Mausumi: Any girl looks beautiful in the pink light of the setting sun.
Satish, my senior: Rumours are verbalization of people’s imagination. No response is a good response.
Sneha:If someone with a toddler says their home was spick and span, it means they are lying.
Deepak: Build relationships, everywhere.
Grandpa: Love the language and you never get bored.
Sunitha: When you really care, you fluff up the pillows.
Bharathi: Observe the breathing.
My teacher(s) from Visakha Valley School: I am responsible for what I am.
VJ: Don’t kick the floor when the child falls and teach the child the blame-game.
Venu uncle: Accept appreciation with charm.
Jaya: Communication is not about language.
Malathi akka: Let go.
Thirumal chinanna: Ruminate your learning and experiences. They will be fresh forever.
Nagalakshmi: You can do one thing well. You can do everything well.
RoyC, my ex-boss: Have friends in different fields. You will be better informed and better entertained.
My fitness trainer: You got it there. Now you got to burn it here.


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