Posted by: Madhavi CN | October 30, 2010

Top 3 books I’d like to see turned into a movie

Books are bosom pals. Movies are more like pub buddies. While books oblige to our pace and imagination, movies pamper our lazy /busy self with some instant entertainment. Each has its distinctive element of relaxation and we wish to have both available – to be enjoyed at our convenience. That is why sometimes we hope the book we cherish be made into a movie.

When anyone asks, “What are the top 3 books you’d like to see turned into a movie?” I can reel out ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue, ‘Remembrance Rock’ by ‘Carl Sandburg’ and ‘A Suitable Boy’ by Vikram Seth, all in a single breath.

 If ‘Room’ captivates us with 5-year old Jack and his mother’s comfort in captivity and fear in freedom; ‘Remembrance Rock’ celebrates American history by passionately looking into what freedom is all about; and ‘A Suitable Boy’ thoughtfully takes us through a cultural roller coaster of love and match-making in India.

There have been great examples of wonderful books made into grandiose movies that have failed to impress the book lover. But there is also a possibility of a re-creation of the movie magic as in Gone With The Wind . A great movie is not about a good story alone. It needs good work in many other areas. It is about right casting too. Jacob Cogan (of Star Trek) and Susan Sarandon would be my choice as son and mom pair in ‘Room’. For ‘Remembrance Rock’, we need a horde of actors to fill the numerous fictional and nonfictional characters. ‘A Suitable Boy’ needs some spunk to choose the characters that are all Indian.

Some books we love for what they are, and not for how many awards they won.  Pulitzer or Man Booker prizes merely reiterate the value of our ‘true love.’  The above three masterpieces fall into that category. These may not be the top 3 books you’d like to see turned into a movie, but they would definitely linger somewhere in the majority’s top 100 list!


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