Posted by: Madhavi CN | November 18, 2010

Write Right

Writers are judged by their writing and writing is a skill that needs to be honed. What are the key qualities that wannabe writers need to focus on to win the game???


Nothing should cross a writer’s eye, rather mind, without a thorough scrutiny. Even the usual elements of an ordinary day must be absorbed and stored away to be recaptured and reproduced on a wider platform. Observation needs to be extended to works and growth of other successful writers.


To initiate and complete a work to reach the desired outcome, persistence and confidence are very important. Conviction helps you to not only produce the write-up but also to stay focused while publishers question the quality of it. For every 100 publishers that reject you, they say, there are at least a two who would love to promote you.

When it comes to writing, it is more important to be self-driven rather than audience-driven. Audience needs to be searched and targeted once the writing is complete.

 A topic / idea once chosen must not be left incomplete. Craving for criticism, positive or negative, while you are working on it only hinders the work. There are no good and bad writers; there is only good and bad writing. So all who have the belief within, can write.


Once convinced of your ability, throw in creativity into your writing. Even factual write-ups require creativity – in presentation style, organizing thoughts, usage of words etc. Be it fiction or non-fiction, not everything one writes can be experienced or observed. So it requires a high-dose of creativity to go beyond the obvious and make the writing lucid.

Writers call the wait for the spark of creativity, ‘writer’s block’. Look for your source of inspiration and indulge in it. It could be a cup of steaming coffee or a visit to the local book store that lets the creative juices flow.

Logophile – A lover of words

Yes, you got to love words with a passion that is unmatchable and true. Dilettantes and wordies merely collect words to show-off but a logophile is a connoisseur of verbal delicacies and flavors. Words are the best playmates both in solitude and company (verbal-spars).

The initial focus of a budding writer must be the usage of words rather than ‘searching’ for the right words. After finishing your work, relook at it and edit it. Knowing when to end the fine-tuning to send it for public-viewing is very important. That is why self-confidence is so much part of a writer’s repertoire.


The demand for creativity becomes the highest when it comes to understanding the market and its players – agents, editors and the audience. Market knowledge is as important in writing as it is in any business. A thorough market research goes a long way; it helps in ensuring the chances of getting published. Though writing is about fulfilling yourself, it is preferred if we accomplish a higher purpose too.


If there is one factor that demarcates the would-haves from the done-its, it is discipline. Writing must be done religiously every day. It is even alright if you do it methodically with a time-table. The point is to write rather than find excuses for not writing. Nothing can stop a passionate writer, not even a lack of inspiration, support or time. If not something grand, you can at least start writing about the creative excuses that one may use for ‘not writing’.


A large tome of 80,000 may scare you out of the attempt even when all the other ingredients are in their place. So the suggestion is to start small. Set a goal of 300 words per day and do it unfailingly every day. Voila! You are ready with your book before the 267th day! The key for success here is about setting small goals and aiming higher as you mature as a writer.

To summarize, writers simply O.C.C.L.U.D.E all the obstacles and make it to success. Good luck!



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