Posted by: Madhavi CN | November 28, 2010

Time Management (Part1): Putting Life Into Living

Time is the only resource that is given equally to everyone – rich and poor, smart and dumb, optimistic and pessimistic, active and lazy and the list goes on. This surely calls for celebration in a world of inequality. But being non-renewable and non replaceable makes it a tricky resource.  

Just a few more hours in a day would have made you more successful, more peaceful, more relaxed, and more organized; it is about the possibility of having ‘more’ of it. But if someone comes up with a few tested time management solutions, we may sigh, smile and say that, ‘I have tried it all. Nothing works. Nobody understands my limitations, there are too many demands. My commitments and constraints are different’. We are not exaggerating. It is our reality – the reality of poor ‘Time Mismanagement’! The sooner we accept that, the faster we can put life into our living.

If only one area of your life has taken precedence over everything, or if every day seems like the other, or if long cherished dreams are still only dreams, it is time to give priority to time management.

The way time is managed impacts the quality of life we lead, the relationships we nurture and the success we make. Good time management affects all spheres – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial – of our life in an incredible way.


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