Posted by: Madhavi CN | December 2, 2010

Personal Effectiveness: Questions To Ask, Actions To Take

You need to know better about your work style, temptations, motivations, in short yourself, to successfully trigger the effectiveness button within. Once we have the knowledge about the way we function, reaching personal effectiveness would be as easy as operating an on-off switch. Effectiveness, like perfection, is an addiction. Once you discover the switch you would monitor it to stay in the ‘on’ position. So here are the questions to brood over, with actions to follow-up with:

Q: Which is the productive time of the day?

A(Action): Ring-fence those hours for your most creative activity

Q: What are your Feel Good Factors (FGF)?

A: Invite your FGFs more often into your life. Create the environment that nurtures them.

Q: What inspires you? Who is your muse?

A: It could be a caffè latte, a piece of music, an organized desk, or a person. Increase the association to it, even if it is deliberate.

Q: Where is your manna – the zone that brings the best in you?

A: Visit more often to the zone of your peak performance – be it your office space, or a bench on the park, a favorite chair in your library.

Q: What are the distractions?

A: Keep your mobile in silent-mode; connect the landline to the answering machine; disconnect your door-bell; block those gaming sites; set a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on your desk/door. The solutions are plenty, keep experimenting and discover what works for you.

Personal effectiveness is not about finding the answers but taking the ‘action!’



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