Posted by: Madhavi CN | December 24, 2010

Google’s Doodles For The Holiday Season: A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Hats off to Michael Lopez, Google’s “chief doodler” and his team of 5 designers! The 17 doodles on Google are exquisite, captivating, vivid and what not. They are a true representation of the holiday mood, the world over. The color usage is fantastic and the earthy brown frame enhanced them further. They fascinated me so much that I spent a lot of time on the mouse-over exercise while in the middle of my work. No regrets at interrupting important work for taking in such beautiful views.

The artists have not missed anything that the Dec-Jan holiday spirit brings along – food, dance, music, weather, architecture and St.Nicholas lugging his load of gifts near a snow covered but daintily lit up chimney.

If ‘smile’ is part of the universal language, ‘holidays’ are part of the universal fun-time. Holidays are the celebrated periods in everybody’s life and go beyond religion and geography. The festival mood in Athens, China, India, Japan, Morocco, Nepal, Sydney, Turkey and many other regions of the world has been brought to life by these doodles.

There are some who have found more things to complain about in these art works (there is no art without such critics). But I don’t have the patience to look into things to find reasons to fight and fret about. This is the time to celebrate the joy of life with thankfulness for what we have and sensitivity to care for the same. I simply want to enjoy the wonder in things around me, this festive season and always. Thanks Google, for extending my joy.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!


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