Posted by: Madhavi CN | January 5, 2011

How To Make Great Viral Videos?

Designing videos that go viral is tough but not impossible. With a thorough video strategy based on the category of content that is created and content distribution method one can optimize the video to be a huge viral success. Viral videos are great marketing tools as they are comparatively inexpensive to generate and market than conventional advertising.

 Four strategies to make your video a viral success

The benchmark of success for viral videos hinges on the creativity of the campaign and the goals of the brand. Viral marketing is not merely about having a million views and a great reach; it is more about the engagement and conversation quality with the target segment. Here are four ways to make your video a thumping viral success:


Play it by the context

 Context is the key. All the elements of your video strategy must be formulated based on the context. Context indicates the visitors’ takeaways and why they would want to promote it.

Content is the king

Content needs to be driven by a sound and interesting concept. The concept should gel well with the brand that you are promoting. This helps in revisits and also encourages visitors to move the video across to greater audiences along with the brand. Keep the content short with a good scope for remixing. The video loses its viral factor if it sticks out as an overt advertisement. So stick to a smart design with only an indicative message to the offering. The ideal way to wrap a well designed content is to increase its shock element or curiosity factor.

 Identify and attract the big influencers

Videos that leverage the power of big influencers do so by getting their spot on the most popular social media and network sites, the widespread blogosphere and the omnipotent forums. Big influencers are those with genuinely inspirational or entertaining content that brings in visitors by the hordes to the site. Their great circle of influence impacts the numbers and quality of visitors. By increasing the ‘stickiness factor’ in your video, you can attract influencers and encourage them to spread the word.

 Unleash the technology

Use the tagging strategically and optimize on the thumbnails. Provide the option for creative commenting. Use smart titles that attract viewers and engage the visitors through multiple videos. Explore all the possibilities that technology offers.

 In short, viral video creation is both an art and science!






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