Posted by: Madhavi CN | January 6, 2011

Revolutionizing Life Through Mind Mapping

With information overloads, everybody’s mind in the current century is taxed with extreme demands on memory. Since not everything can be moved on to the Blackberry memo application or the to-do list on the refrigerator door, we often find ourselves dealing with mind blank outs, missed appointments and disorganized thoughts. In such a scenario, Mind Mapping comes up as our savior. I have personally experienced my productivity go up with the use of Mind Maps.

Mind Mapping is a visual tool that helps in organizing and analyzing information, decision-making and in generating powerful ideas through an excellent data synthesis mechanism. In simple terms, Mind Maps are graphical representations of ideas, concepts or activities.


Here are 5 ways to incorporate Mind Mapping for making your life more manageable and effective:

1. Synthesis of new data

Learning requires complete attention, analysis and information absorption, all at the same time. When the subject we are trying to understand is all new or ambiguous or abstract, it becomes quite a task to give our complete attention. But by using Mind Maps we can break the information into handy chunks by condensing the material into an easily memorable format. Even when the attention fails at certain points, we would not be totally lost out on learning the new subject.

2. Problem Solving

Vague and complex problems that put us off with their intricacies can be resolved successfully with the use of Mind Mapping techniques. Mind Maps give multiple workable solutions to a problem where finding even one solution was initially an elephantine task. Mind Maps let the mind probe effectively into rarely used areas.

 3. Project Planning

Projects and tasks that seem overwhelming or impossible can be made simple and feasible through Mind Maps. All the dependencies, success factors, resources, risks, etc., can be identified well and project scoping can be done accurately. This also helps in getting the project buy-in from others.

4. Presentations

Making powerful speeches or presentations is tough without mnemonics. Not unless one is a born orator! Mind Maps enable to transfer the entire presentation notes onto a single sheet making it easy and natural to go through seminars and presentations. Mind Maps can also be made on Powerpoint presentations or any Mind Mapping software that is available on the Internet.

5. Meetings & Discussions

Any meeting or discussion would become efficient with Mind Mapping. It can be used at both personal and professional levels. Organizing thoughts, planning the argument and presenting the case would become a cake walk by condensing the information and thoughts into a concise and memorable format of a Mind Map.



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