Posted by: Madhavi CN | January 9, 2011

Simple Rules To Master The Art Of Persuasion

The power of influence and persuasion is a skill that everyone requires in their everyday living. Persuasion is considered as equivalent to manipulation and is hence looked down by many. Not many take pride in possessing persuasive skills as it is listed as a negative skill by the uninitiated.

It is very important to note that persuasion is NOT manipulation. Here are a few pointers to help you become a pro at persuasion.


Consider The Context: If the context is not appropriate, modify it to your requirements by building rapport through shared interests.

Choose The Right Timing: Timing is everything. If you are in the vulnerable position, the odds would work against you. So it is better to wait and choose a more appropriate time where the other party is in the needy position.


Build The Image: Project a refined image of yourself and your actions. The more sophisticated one is the more willing would people be to oblige. Pay attention to power dressing tips and the body language that you are using.

Create Interest: Build the story and build the yearning for what is being proposed through the skillful use of the story. Do not make it look deliberate.

Show WIN-WIN: Reciprocity is a compelling proposition. Behavioral flexibility helps you to stay in control of this equation.

Be Persistent: In the enthusiasm to be persistent do not overlook the need to transfer energy to the other party and make them comfortable with the ‘repeat’ tactics.

Compliment Genuinely: People feel good with compliments that are sincere and the interactions would start and move in the right direction.

Set The Expectations: A thorough preparation with regard to how the points would be projected and responded, gives a good lead to the process of persuasion.

Avoid Assumptions: Do not imagine about the other party’s view point or preferences. Clearly mention about what you understand about them. Use this knowledge to move in the right direction.

Create Now Or Never Situation: Create the feeling of scarcity. Scarcity combined with a state of urgency works wonders while persuading people. Do not digress from truth while creating this, else you would lose credibility.

Communication Is The Key: Learn to communicate to the point. Crisp communication is often likened to confidence. Use the tone and voice modulation to your advantage. Pauses have lot of potential in negotiation and persuasion. Use them wisely.

Stay Calm: Conflict is inevitable in negotiation and persuasion. Use anger purposefully. Remember that whoever loses their temper first is in a more vulnerable position.

Persuasion, a key technique in negotiation, is a very useful skill in daily interactions.


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