Posted by: Madhavi CN | January 9, 2011

How to make Mind Maps?

Mind Mapping is an unconventional technique for creative problem solving and for memorizing large amounts of information through data consolidation and organizing. Mind Map, a 2-D representation of information has been thoroughly researched and popularized by Tony Buzan. The graphical representation through the 2-D format makes it easy for the brain to register the information for quick recollection at short notice. The detailed graphics also promote lateral thinking which helps greatly in creative problem solving and making associations.

Here is how to create a Mind Map:

First Things First

Start with the title of the topic or subject that is under study. Mark it in the center of the page and highlight it with a circle drawn around it. For clarity, use a large paper, preferably the A4 size.


Draw radiating lines from the central circle and mark the subtopics. Whenever a word is written at the end of a radiating line, it is important to circle it. Keep branching from each of the subtopics further to list the factors or data that come under it. There is no limitation to the subdivisions (or branches) made.

Maintain Brevity

Stick to single words. Break the complexity with brevity. Format the words based on the context. For example if the branch is dealing with the risk factors in the project, the word ‘risks’ can be written in capital letters with red padding. Handwriting needs to be clear or else one may be spending more time in deciphering the scribble.

Put In Some Color

Use color to organize the topics. Represent the ideas with appropriate color based on the thought they represent. For example, ‘green’ for ideas that need to be explored, ‘red’ for points of caution, ‘yellow’ for enablers etc. At least 3 colors must be used or making the Mind Maps.

Use Doodle Art

Pictorial representation works better for memory than mere letters or numbers. Wherever possible, represent through symbols, designs and images. It is not necessary for the drawings to be perfect; they just need to hold the meaning for you.

Mind Maps are unique for each person. So go ahead and pictorial represent the information or thoughts that cross your mind. Bring out your creativity and have fun creating the Mind Maps. Mind Mapping technique gets fine-tuned and Mind Maps improve, as one starts using them.


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