Posted by: Madhavi CN | January 13, 2011

8 Things To Do Before February 1st 2011

These are not resolutions. They are things that neither improve my productivity nor life in general. These are a few action items that I would love to do before Feb 1st. In fact, they can be done anytime, but since it is always good to give a deadline to ensure achieving the goal, I picked Feb 1st.

Some of them I am sure I can do but have not been doing because of various obvious reasons. And a couple of them are the ones that truly challenge me. Any guesses?

1. Going Google-free: Yeah, this is toughest. Unimaginable if it is to be done on a weekday! Need to make it.
2. Running barefoot on grass: Have a 10X10 lawn. But I need to go this on a bigger one. The nearest lawn I have got is the unending ones on Necklace Road. Got to go there.
3. Living without the clock: I neither wake-up nor sleep by the clock, but for the day’s other activities I completely depend on the clock. Let me see how I fare.
4. Stay silent for 8 hours: Staying quiet for a couple of hours is what I achieved so far. BTW this silence includes controlling the mental chatter too! Feeling doubtful already 🙂
5. Paint a Ganesha
6. Cut at least 3 kites (“pench ladana” to be exact). My ‘manjha’ and ‘patangs’ are ready.
7. Have a grand bonfire – the Bhogi Manta! What is Sankranti without Bhogi Manta and Pongal?
8. Climb Golconda: Had seen the light and sound show there a few years back. It was very primary, but with the booming voice of Big B doing all the story telling I cannot exactly call that. Now I want to climb up that historic fort.

Let me see how far I go. Wish me luck…and focus… and energy …and whatever that is required to reach the above objectives. 🙂



  1. The link for Golconda Fort in this post of yours is going not found please rectify this error with the link given below.

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