Posted by: Madhavi CN | January 17, 2011

A-Z Ways To Improve Your Brain Power

Today, I thought I will give my brain a little exercise of listing out the A-Z ways to improve brain power. It was fun writing this fulfilling piece. True, listing is one good way to exercise your brain. I am saying it with first-hand experience. But here are the other 26 ways:

Ambidexterity: Use your non-dominant hand more often. Try combing, eating, buttoning with your non-dominant hand.

Breathe right: Breathe deep, breathe long. Watch your breath whenever taken over by emotions.

Connect: Try to find intersections and connections between apparently unrelated topics.

Draw: Doodle or draw even if you are not an artist.

Exercise: Choose your favorite exercise and start working out.

Fallacies: Find fallacies in arguments by adopting critical thinking

Guzzle: Keep your body well hydrated by drinking the right amount of water (not beer 😉 ! )

Harvest Happiness: Find joy in small things in life. They say it is within you, so spend time in searching for it.

Interrogate: Question yourself on ‘Why, Where, When, What and How.’ That is the one way for you to develop the ‘why not’ attitude.

Juggle: Start practicing juggling. We all juggle various roles, tasks, projects, etc. but this is about juggling things.

KISS: Whatever you do, Keep It Short and Simple. The more simplified our life, the more space we find to enjoy ourselves.

Laugh: Laugh so much that you laugh even more when you watch yourself laugh!! 😀

Mind Map: Explore using Mind Maps in your life.

Nap: Take a power nap. Try it and see the difference it makes to your productivity.

Optical Illusions: This keeps the visual senses keen. Enjoy the various illusions.

Ponder: Call it meditation, retrospection or simple pondering, but do it.

Quash: Quash or reverse your assumptions.

Rest: Rest one of the senses at a time and continue with your activities. Plug your ears while showering, eat or listen to music with your eyes closed, just experiment.

Silence: Practice deliberate silence for predefined periods of time.

Taste: Learn to differentiate the different tastes. Start with the 3 Cs – coffee, chocolate and cheese. Wine tasting ofcourse has some additional incentives.

Upside down: Turn your book upside down and start reading. Or better still write the mirror version of your original writing.

Vigilance: Observe the intentions of others as well as yours. If there is clarity in this, we can get to win-win faster. 

Write: Start your journal or blog. You can explore yourself better when you try expressing yourself through writing.

Xcel: Learn a new language and excel at it.

Yearn: Keep the passion and yearning to do what you enjoy doing alive. This is the essence for achieving high performance, so ignore it not.

Z’s: Catch your z’s. By now you might be aware of how many hours of sleep makes you feel refreshed; get that much sleep no matter what.




  1. There are many great suggestions here. My favorites are ‘connect’ and ‘exercise’.

    • The paths may vary but the whole pursuit is about being able to give a fresh look each time we look at the same object. More so for an artist! Isn’t it?

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