Posted by: Madhavi CN | January 27, 2011

Happy Republic Day!

Independence Day and Republic Day are two major occasions for celebration in our apartment complex. I see some children donning the role of adults and organizing the show or voicing their opinions on hot political topics in debates with complete conviction. And then there are some adults become absolute kids and fight tooth and nail ( hook or crook is appropriate) for winning the competitions.

Yesterday, as part of the Republic Day celebrations, I had observed some of these great moments: while playing music chairs, one lady sat on another lady’s lap and laid her claim on the chair that she sat on the chair first. Her puzzling argument was taken in by all just to save the other lady who was getting crushed under. And then there was one man who while playing the memory game listed out all the items that he could think of even when the objects were not in the contest. His argument was that he was unaware that the memory game was limited to memorizing the items in the tray. And then there was a small (but heavy) group of people (kids and adults alike) who were unwilling to come out of the foodcourt. Most of these pulled the chairs from the main area and sat comfortably, eating endless plates of whatever was available at the few stalls. The best thing about this group was that they were appreciating the food and were committed gastronomes.

Then there were the 4 year olds (my daughter’s gang) who felt it was such a bother to participate in the fancy dress competition. But since that was the only competition organized for the 2 – 5 year olds, we could see their disappointed faces. Most of them were keen to go for the cycling race which was for the 7 years and above. So these little people had their first taste of feeling “caught in between” – too old for this…too young for that..And that is life!


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