Posted by: Madhavi CN | January 31, 2011

9 Steps To Leverage Corporate Blogs

Connect to all, even to competition

Being connected to all and sundry is the mantra to make the most out of your web presence. The bigger and better you make your industry, the better would your business become. Talk well about competition and try to link to them. Remember Bill Gates strategy for DOS (through who else but IBM!) works wonders in most businesses.

Build long-term bonds

Respond to all kinds of remarks – good and bad, on your services or products. If you respond to the bad, you will start building trust. If you respond to the good, you will build google mileage.

Stay away from the impersonal style

Your clients, prospects, partners and in fact all your stakeholders would value your messaging if it has the personal touch to it. So even if you hire professionals to do the work on your behalf, ask them to retain the special human element that adds warmth to the content. People trust stories more than press releases.

Love technology

Be aware of the latest technologies in blogging and use them to your benefit.  Know what are atoms, RSS feeds, CSS based codes, Permalinks etc. Get under the skin of Google ranking.

Acknowledge Slashdot

The Slashdot effect slows down your server and can hit the efficiency of your corporate blog or even website because of the heavy (but temporary traffic) that is sent by other big websites or competitors who want to wage a war against you.

Be persistent without panicking

Do not get rattled by the negative comments or extremely caustic criticism about your company or its offerings. In the web-world too, any attention is good. You get a higher ranking because of both positive and negative comments equally. So let them keep coming, just be persistent to make the most of it through targeted blogging.

Know your gatekeepers

Your gatekeepers are those who have the maximum connections and influence on their social networks. Know them well enough so that you can reach out to them for asking for help in terms of any corporate catastrophe. They can definitely ensure that your message reaches the most numbers in the shortest time.

Value credibility

Be careful of what you post. In your anxiety to take your competition head-on, do not overpromise and under-deliver. The repercussions of such a thing are best avoided. It is always safe to under-promise and over-deliver. Also remember never to post something that may lead to a law suit against you.

Be the authority

Know your business, products and services so well that you emerge as the leader in the industry because of your knowledge-power. The more you are identified as the expert in your field, the better you can leverage your corporate blog.


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