Posted by: Madhavi CN | February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s! – A True Story

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Who does not appreciate or envy an independent married woman. Though an independent house-wife seems more like an oxymoron to a cynical eye, you cannot but help looking in awe at a house-wife planning to celebrate the Valentine’s Day in her own style. And here I was admiring my comparatively timid friend, declare that she was going to see the sunset over the Hussain Sagar on Valentine’s Day. Of course she was not going alone; she had her 9-month old chubby daughter for company.

She said, “You cannot blame husbands for not being romantic at least on the Valentine’s Day, for they are busy slogging it out for their small nest to become a castle. (How romantic!) At least that is what I start saying to myself to offer him a hot cup of tea with a cool head once he comes home from work”. Since this is more about a wife’s romantic evening than about the issue of equality in society, let me start with the actual story that I planned to share with you.

Dressed in their best, the mother and daughter pair picked an auto to necklace road at 4:30p.m on the bright day of Feb14. There was not much of a baggage to carry – only two flasks – one with water, the other with milk, a steel cup, a spoon, a couple of nappies, a blanket to sit, a shawl for the mom and incase the baby wets, a spare sweater and a dainty frock, some biscuits, a fruit and a soft toy! They zoomed off in the auto through the serpentine roads of Cyberabad to the patch of green and blue, which we call as ‘The Necklace Road’.

It was still a long way for the sun to set over the Hussain Sagar. So the resolute duo started whiling away the time. Onlookers were definitely amused to see the two having fun by themselves. Some biscuits were eaten, channa was bought, fun and peace were aplenty; hubby dear definitely was not missed. In fact it was a relief that there was no one to remind that the baby may catch cold, mosquitoes are biting, the water is polluted, the parking is a hassle, dinner had to be early, or simply, ‘its growing dark’. As if one is not aware of all that!?

It had been her long awaited dream to sit on the verdant lawns on the necklace road and watch the sunset over the Hussain Sagar. She had tried to cajole her husband many a time to make her wish true. Perhaps, he considered it too filmy! Or perhaps he considered it a waste of time. Or perhaps… Hey wait! The thought just struck her that the sun was in fact setting not over the waters but over the buildings behind her! And she had the revelation that Nature also eludes a woman who tries to have a romantic time sans man. For the first time she doubted if Mother Nature was actually a MCP-He.

The day became darker but their spirits soared higher as the intrepid team headed home. Like a true Indian wife, she aimed to be smarter like her husband and decided that she had to be more practical while dreaming.

By the way, she wants me to add this pointer:  if you dream to see the sunset over the Hussain Sagar waters, sit on the Tank Bund not Necklace Road!


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