Posted by: Madhavi CN | February 25, 2011

Love you, uncle Pai! Long Live Amar Chitra Kathas!

Uncle Pai was so much part of my childhood. I can say I would not have been me if the Amar Chitra Kathas that he created were not part of my daily ‘literary’ food. Is there any one who needs to be told that Amar Chitra Kathas are comics and they were much more than the cable TV’s Cartoon Network or POGO or Disney Channel!

My first Amar Chitra Katha costed my uncle (no, not Uncle Pai) Rs.1.50 but it took me into the witty world of Tenali Raman. Then the second one that joined my library was Tinkle and what a laugh I had with Suppandi’s out of the world intelligence! How can I forget Kalia? Then there were hundreds more that were added to my collection. You name the title and I would have had it in my collection. If I had a cash crunch I would have atleast read through the vivid comics by borrowing it from friends. There was lot of Amar Chitra Katha trading that used to happen in our gang. My sister preferred the mythologies and I loved the fables and folk tales. Now she is a whizz with all the mythological details and I am a pro at telling tales to folks 😉

Little did we know that Uncle Pai (Anant Pai) did more than write those stories. He was also the editor, graphics expert, publisher and historian who filled our heads with graphical accounts of stories of all kinds.

I still have my comics bound (15 books each) and carefully maintained. I prefer the old covers to the new cover designs. When it comes to books (and comics) I am too possessive to part with them. I can go on and on about my comic collection. From today, Uncle Pai lives only there!

Love you, uncle Pai!



  1. Madhavi…

    one thing I wanted to point wasnt tenali raman….as he is made out to be.

    aayana Tenali Rama Krishna kada…!! just pointing.


    • Tenali Rama Krishna was also called Tenali Ramanna (this is where Tenali Raman originated) or Tenali Rama. I always love to read comments…keep posting.

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