Posted by: Madhavi CN | February 25, 2011

Oh, we are Googled different, here on!

Google constantly challenges us self-professed SEO experts by changing its search algorithm, sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes in a being-hit-on-the-face way. This time it has really jittered me by saying that it has launched a ‘pretty big algorithmic improvement to our ranking.’ If we don’t heed to that, our clients will wake up to see themselves ranked somewhere they don’t wish to be found!

This so called algorithm which will effect 11.8% of the queries that go on to Google is good for sites with quality content. It is going to give the ‘copy and paste’ sites such a kick in the butt that they have nowhere to go but down (yippee) on the search results page.

Thankfully, this change did not need any beta testing as it has been found to address 84% of the issues from the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension which was done simultaneously. Now that is what we call true visualization of the user requirements.

The launch is going to roll over from the US. That means, my clients would get to see the effect first. With unique content and the white hat techniques that I adopt, I realize that I can stay snug on this change, waiting for the ‘thank you’s from my pleasantly surprised clients to trickle down. Thank you Google for giving me this luxury! Stop not, for we want it better!


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