Posted by: Madhavi CN | July 29, 2011

Humor is a funny thing!

Humor is a funny thing. Is that the definition or is it my opinion? Should I have ‘u’ (no, not ‘you’) in it or shall I just stick to the Americanized spelling?

Humor is an organized affair. Yes, laughter has never been as programmed as now – we got dedicated TV channels, programs, comedy shows, movies, videos on YouTube, blogs…and of course the Facebook gags. In spite of all this, we forget to laugh through the day. Not to blame any, but life has become an increasingly serious business. But what about those, who do not laugh for some other reason – the beauty-worshipping teenager who is worried about the laugh lines, the efficiency-oriented (only ‘oriented’?) boss who believes a stern expression gets a lot more work done, the self-conscious introvert who thinks laughter might give them unwanted attention, the stiff upper lipped mom-in-law who feels her laughs would lead to loss of her controlling position and the list goes on.

Humor is risky. I think people who control their laughter are to be appreciated too, as it needs immense power to withhold a smile or a laugh. We need to bite our tongue, clench our teeth or make other contortions with the face to stop that laugh from spreading through our face. The other day I received a funny SMS while I was in a boring and long client meeting and I had to look cross-eyed deep into my scribble pad and vigorously doodle to keep my giggles in. Except for situations like that, I am not much into holding up my laughter (except when I have to look melancholic to get things done by my hubby dear). I am one of those who give out a beaming smile or chuckle suddenly, while sitting in the bus all alone, waiting at the station, standing in a queue or while doing other mundane tasks. Though they risk looking wrongly wired up there, they get carried away by the humor in the situation at hand.

Humor is very individualistic. You are a couple that is made for each other but what makes you laugh may make your spouse irritated and in no time you transform into the mad-at-each-other type. Laughter binds people together but certain jokes have the capacity to lead to chinks in the armor of a long standing friendship. You cannot really go by the long lists of humorous books, movies, shows et al and have a good laugh at everything that is listed. These lists sometimes make me wonder if I have missed something.  And finally, what can we say of the sophistication of someone who chooses racist jokes and fun on disabilities – the less talked the better!

Humor is an art, a skill, a tightrope walk! When it comes to cutting a joke, there is a certain class of jokers…oops sorry…witty men who can make any kind of gathering burst  out into peals of laughter and then there are all the others! Some from the latter category make it confusing, ridiculous, stupid or even thought-provoking, basically anything except ‘funny.’ The responses you find in the group then range from silent rolling of the eyes to loud screams of ‘spare us.’ A boss, of course is spared of all that. So if you are boss, just reel out your joke and gloat over the thundering applause you receive.

Humor is healthy. Though I am yet to hear of someone who has laughed his belly off, I completely believe that humor has some magical therapeutic effects. Just watch your local laughing club members in the park on any morning. Their hands go up and down, bodies bend and straighten, while they relentlessly laugh – grey moustaches start dancing, pot bellies start wiggling, some giggles, some hoots, some titters, some reverberating roars and soon you realize you too are laughing in your own unique style. Yes, laughter is infectious and perhaps this is one infectious thing that is healthy too!

Yes, humor is a funny thing!

Now for some Q&A:

Q. What does a funny blog do?                   Answer: Flogs you 😉

Q. What does a boring blog do?                Answer: Clogs you 😛

Q. What does a serious blog do?                Answer: Slogs you *:-O

Q. What did this blog do?                           Answer: Hey, do I need to answer that too!?!


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