Posted by: Madhavi CN | February 14, 2012

A Stranger In My Home

Since long, I see a stranger in my home

Mindful of each other, but in close proximity, we roam.

It is not a scary apparition

Or a deluged mind’s creation

This person, pottering around is anything but familiar

Yet I am drawn with the craving to get closer and hear.

Is this the fatal attraction to the unknown?

Or is this the anxiety of staying with a stranger in my own zone?

I need to know this outsider, is the truth.

Sometimes I follow and tap lightly on the shoulder of the youth

To timidly ask when you will let me know who you are and why you are here

At times, I pounce with anger and say go away, I am averse to strangers near,

But most often, I submit to this presence and let it be

I neither know you nor this guest of mine that I see.

For many long years I wondered how two stay as strangers together!

Neither did I find an answer nor said why bother?


My quest continued until just now,

When I was face to face with the phantom somehow

The mystery solved to show it was someone that I knew a long while ago

Those sparkling eyes, that busy smile – I knew them well says my ego

Deeper I looked to search who it was

It turned out to be me as I ‘was’.

All I need is to hold me to listen and applause

Oh, how I miss this self, how I want to stay close!

Now I regret; but then, there was no choice

It was taxing and there was none to listen to the fading voice

We had to part ways so that I can submit to fate and repose

Staying away from the true self, oh, why did I impose


Much has changed,

A lot arranged

The best option for me is to be at bay;

And leave me here to stay.

Since long, I see the stranger in my home

Unmindful of each other, we roam.


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