Posted by: Madhavi CN | February 17, 2012

Write to Survive

My hand aches, mind itches, soul sulks and boredom prevails from deep within. The only way I can come out of this is pick a piece of paper or my laptop and write away. I am never topic specific. I just love writing and I need to write. Whether there is someone who reads it or not, is never a question. I only want to write to know myself better, to understand the world and to memorize things – the good, the bad and even the ugly.

The feeling of elation that comes after writing is unbeatable. My best writing comes when I write without being judgmental about what or how I write. I think being judgmental makes me over conscious, just like the way people cringe if you are being extremely critical about them. In times like that, I recheck every sentence and modify it so much that it dwindles away into oblivion and all that I am left with is about 5-6 sentences after an hour of effort!

Some of the prolific writers suggest that we write about 500 words everyday for a whole year to bring the best out. I am not that disciplined. Writing is like bingeing on junk food for me. Who would care to count the calories or the quantity while a bowl of ‘Lays’ is lying right in front and there is no one around to watch or stir the feelings of guilt? Writing is an indulgence that I take up whenever and wherever.

If ‘bibliomania’ is the word that best describes the craze for books or reading, why is there no such word for the craze for writing or scribbling? ‘Epomania’ is about the craze for writing epics but that is not exactly what I am looking at. Epic is a grand word, the thought of which stifles all my writing! I need a word for people who write like me. We are not professional writers or sporadic writers, we are what you call –the compulsive writers. We don’t maintain a regular journal , or a blog. We don’t write books and articles for regular publishing. In fact, the only thing ‘regular’ about our writing is that we write! Sometimes it is just a line or two and sometimes it goes over a thousand words.

Among the 3Rs in our education system, I love Reading and wRiting, it is only the aRithmetic that bothers me. But that is a different story.

I am happy that I write…just the way I am happy that I live.



  1. Very Nice Madhavi. Looking forward for more posts.

    • Thanks Sri. Will keep up to the task of uploading my writing to the blogosphere 🙂

  2. Simply effortlessly wunnerful madhavi

    • Compliments from a bibliophile! I’m lovin it 🙂

  3. I am late to write on our writing post, it’s very nice and creative

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