Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 10, 2013

Top 10 Successful Habits of Winners

It is an established fact that winners are not born but are made. You find them in all professions and areas of life; and they seem to share certain key qualities which differentiate them from the rest. But how do we become a ‘winner?’ The first step is to find the top 10 successful qualities of this esteemed and elite group. The next is to diligently follow the qualities until they become habits.


Winners are totally aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They were definitely not born with this self knowledge but have gained it through deliberate self-exploration. They do their SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis periodically to be up to date about themselves.

Constant Learners

While performing a task, the moment winners notice any gap between the required skills and those that they possess, they quickly launch their learning mission. In fact they are on a constant learning spree on almost any subject they come across.

Look For Challenges

Winners love challenges and they go in search of them to prove their caliber to themselves. They recognize challenges as key to their motivation.

Solution Oriented

Winners do not report or talk about problems and hurdles. They are busy finding multiple solutions to a problem. Wherever they are in the organization, this trait ultimately helps them into the leadership position.

Create Opportunities

Winners have a positive attitude. Be it the global recession or a personal setback, winners find creative ways to overcome the limitation. They find opportunities to make the most of the available resources. When all around are waiting for a better scenario, they are busy creating that scenario.

Take Responsibility

If a project is excellently completed, winners have the grace to attribute the success to others in the team. But if a project fails, they do not withdraw from taking the entire responsibility. All love to work for them; that is the reason winners have highly committed teams working with them.


Winners know what they want and go for it, come what may.

Believe In Win-Win

It is all about fair play and win-win. Winners are passionate about their goals as much as they are of their values.

Balance Work-Life

Winners know the importance of harmony. They strive for work-life balance and genuinely value every relationship in their lives.

Do-It-Now Attitude                                         

Winners are anything but procrastinators. Once convinced of what needs to be done, they go about it without waiting for further opinion from others. They take action NOW.

So take action now and incorporate the above traits and start winning.



  1. Thanks for following my blog. I’m following yours and find it stimulating. I enjoyed the article by the Karma yogi. I am a Kama yogi too.

  2. Thanks David for going through my blogs. It means so much to me when my readers comment. I went through your blog and loved the inspiring articles on success, esp the one on Chi.

  3. Friend, let’s stay in touch. I just posted the second in my series on ki (chi) and hope you will read it and comment. I will be following your blog with anticipation.

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