Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 11, 2013

What Your Customers Want on the Website?

You don’t need plain visitors to website, what you really need are customers or hot prospects visiting your site and acting in the direction of buying your service or product. If you know what your market is looking for when it is on your website, you can achieve higher customer-to-visitor ratio.

Here is what your website visitors are looking for:

  • Are you unique?

If you can tell them precisely (interestingly as well) about what makes you the best choice and back it up with supportive data you got this answered.

  • What do you offer?

Let them know all that is to be known about your offerings. Provide links to the relevant pages when there is a chance for information overload. Do not be overly concerned about your competitor stealing your story. The secret lies in the signature style of your compelling copy that tells the market what you offer without sounding vague or restricted.

  • Are you real?

This is more about trust. If they do not find the complete contact information (of course it includes physical location) they are hesitant to make the interaction, even if you are primarily an online business. Keep the phone number location based and not just an 800- number. If possible include some pictures of your location to build on the credibility that you are genuine.

  • What do your customers say about you?

A client list does not do the trick however long it is. Focus on the case studies, testimonials, awards and positive attention gained from the media. Third-party validation, including that from social media, is one of the deal clinchers.

  • Do you have the SSL to protect their privacy?

This would be an implicit question in the visitor’s mind. Make a clear statement on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and all the other data protection systems that you have put in place to ensure complete privacy of customer data.

  • How smooth is the navigation?

However great the content, if it is a bumpy ride to search or browse the site then you will find your site analytics show too many visitor dropouts. Understand what your visitor’s are looking for before planning the website layout and its aesthetics.

  • Where are the prompts to action?

Real value to your website efforts happens when you put in place a clear call to action (CTA). Your captive audience loves to respond to the “Sign Up,” “Buy Now,” “Call Today,” kind of action buttons when they are preceded by a compelling story. Do not miss this opportunity.

  • How transparent are your processes?

The biggest put-off to your customers is the surprise you draw on them as shipping and handling costs once they enter their credit card information. Keep the processes – purchase, return, complaint resolution etc., clear and transparent. An FAQ page be a great way to cover all the elements of the buy and service cycles.

  • Are you ready to listen to them?

Customer’s feedback on the critical aspects of your business helps in improving your customer quotient. Offer incentives to encourage visitors to leave feedback. Keep the feedback procedure short and sweet.

  • Where is the personal touch?

Businesses often forget the importance of this as they grow big. Personalization is easier to achieve when it comes to smaller players. Engaging customers and establishing a strong bond with them happens only through the personalized customer experience you impart all through, be it the website or your contact center.

It is time you look at your website critically.



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