Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 12, 2013

Six Simple Steps to Get Motivated

Motivation keeps us going. It is the single most important factor that helps us when we have fallen, by lifting us up to restart and speed up. We cannot motivate ourselves without nurturing the right environment that fosters the conditions which encourage us to take challenges, resolve the limitations and surpass our own performance levels.

Discover the Self

Explore yourself. Understand what factor drives you. Is it money? Recognition? Power? Align your priorities to this factor and choose your career. If you are logical, have great interpersonal and communication skills and consider justice to be your highest ideal, then, choose and work to be a lawyer. If your business acumen is matchless and you love the idea of generating money for yourself and others, become an entrepreneur. And so on.

Get Connected

Do something you love and are passionate about. It is a proven fact that people achieve higher performance levels when they are working on something they enjoy.  If your likes and key strengths are supported by your motivation factor, the streak of success would follow you throughout. Connect to your values and beliefs to remain focused on the project you have taken up.

Set Goals, Reach Goals.

Set realistic and measurable goals. Work on them with total dedication and without any self-doubt. Whenever you find your motivation levels falling, start practicing imagery by thinking about the great moments that you can enjoy when you reach the goal. Human psyche works wonders when it can visualize the benefits that are lying ahead.

Focus On Achievements, Work on Shortfalls

When you are presenting your case, to keep the argument strong, you focus on your wins and not on the failures. Similarly, when working on a project, stay focused on how you made it through the hurdles in your last project. Do not, at any point, get stuck with negative thoughts of how you failed or how you lack the qualities that the task demands. Success may mean different things to different people, but it surely is a heady motivator.

Keep the Sources Handy

Stay close to your motivators. However much you are committed to your goal and making progress, there will be times when it seems all uphill or meaningless. That is the time when you need to get in touch with your motivators. Certain people bring the best in us. So do certain books, places, or music. You might even find your source of motivation in a quotation or a blog on the World Wide Web. Create a space for them in your busy schedule and see the positive impact it has on your day.

Learn To Relax

Life is not about a constant struggle to reach goals, deadlines, expectations or targets. Without an alternative source for enjoyment and relaxation the journey towards your professional or personal life would be weary and burdensome. Invest in yourself. Create solitude for your soul. This kind of pause renews energy, commitment and motivation.

Get motivated and stay motivated.



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