Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 17, 2013

How to Set High, But Achievable Goals?


Life without goals is like a rudderless boat. Knowing that, some fill their lives with not one but many goals. It is then that the struggle and pain starts; setting goals and seeing them washed away with time, needs a strong heart.

Goals need to be challenging enough to excite us into action. If achieved, they should directly link to certain benefits and progress that one would be proud of. Before setting forward, you need to write the goals – they cannot be restricted to your mind alone.

Base it on your priorities

If the goal lies in an area which has been given a high priority, there are greater chances for it to be reached. A goal, however well defined and well intended it is, fails miserably if it does not belong to the ‘top priority.’ Understand yourself and set your priorities right before making any goal. Start afresh.

Ensure Accountability

The success or failure of the goal totally is your responsibility. You need to make a promise that you would not blame any, if you get side-tracked from your goal. Taking the responsibility for your actions is not only a sign of maturity but a sign of being on the right path to success in life. Do not pick a goal because ‘someone’ would be impressed or had been requesting you to. Your goals are totally yours and so are the efforts and the results.

Be Realistic

For all the good intentions with which you embarked the goal, there is no smooth ride that is promised. There would be hurdles that test your resolve and diversions that play on your dedication. While setting your goal itself, be prepared to face all this and make appropriate adjustments. The striving towards the goal would be practical only when you account for all the slip-ups.

Advertise: Gather Supporters

Highlight your goal and tell all your critics and well wishers that you are working towards reaching it. Fear not the jeering; instead use it to your advantage. Stay on course, lest you be reminded, sometimes gently and often mockingly. While your supporters give you the positive goading, your detractors do the same with negative criticism.

Kill the Cynics

Yes, kill all the cynics. If that is a crime, let us focus on wiping away cynicism. Cynics can shake you away from your commitment with just one raised eyebrow. If your goal is to exercise or eat healthy, they would casually remark how studies show that the obese cope with illness better. If your goal is not to procrastinate, they give you 101 reasons why you must. This sparring goes on. So just ignore them. Beware of your cynical moments too.

Finally, approach your goal one day at a time and closely monitor your progress every night and rebuild your resolve to reach it. Remember to offer words of encouragement to yourself by genuinely appreciating the hard work you are putting in. Very soon, you will have one goal less on your list.


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