Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 19, 2013

Social Media Strategy: Who needs it?

Good StrategyAre there any businesses and brands that are staying away from social media? Even if the business is not keen on strategically participating in the social media, it seems the customers and markets are actively discussing the company’s offerings, services and what they like and do not like about it. Yet, adapting a full-fledged social media strategy may not be really necessary for you. To know the extent you need to invest for ensuring a greater ROI, you need to find answers to some questions.

  • Does your market (customers) use social media?
  • How is your competition utilizing the social media space?
  • Are the conversations about you or your industry actively rolling?

If the answer to these questions is a very vehement yes, you not only need a social media strategy but a communication and content management strategy. More importantly, you also need to put in place the analytics team and tools to mine the data for valuable insights. But if the answer to the same questions was a doubtful maybe, then you can limit yourself to registering on the prime social media 2channels and remaining active on them. In fact this is what many of the companies are ending up doing and limiting their business prospects.

It is time to make the realistic assessment of what exactly you are doing in the name of social media and set it right before all your efforts come to a naught. Social media presents the opportunity to engage your customers and prospects like never before. This is something that no serious business or brand can ignore.

Knowing Customers, Competition & Clout

Gaining a peep into what your customers are thinking, how your competition is readying itself and who among the industry influencers carries the maximum clout helps in responding right, fast and optimally to business opportunities while improving the customer experiencing.

Business Brands to Personal Brands

Brands does not imply business brands alone. They also refer to personal brands. Every actor and politician these days is found to be social media savvy. But social media is not just for the politicians, celebrities or the one-man shows. It is for every professional, student, artist, debater or the ideas person. Like it or not, you need to take charge of your ‘online life’ too. This discussion can be looked at from the perspective of a personal brand without losing any of the relevance.

The obvious step in this journey starts with identifying the social media resources that are required to make this work without a hitch.


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