Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 23, 2013

Love you, my Cluster of People!

Friends? Clutter???

Cluster of Friends? Or…Clutter of Friends?

Clutter is everywhere – on my desk, in my cupboard, home, handbag and even my new HP ENVY TouchSmart. This stuff is of not much use to me, for the next few months or even more. It has no beauty quotient either. But it is almost impossible for me to do away with it. I am not a hoarder. Yet, I end up collecting clutter for various reasons.  Underlying all those reasons is the unifying element of love. I love the items on my clutter list. Let us not debate on how one can fall in love with that unsent greeting card from the 90’s or the obsolete audio tapes, that common pen stand with the faded exterior, the wrap-around that I bought for Rs.200 and which gave a high ROI (it still looks perfect, though I feel it is not the right kind of risk to trust the fabric), the photo edit application that I have been transferring from one system to another without having any clue on how to use it….

For a committed lover of clutter who also happens to love human dynamics, the tweet from Steve Hughes held lot of interest. It read “When Your So-Called Friends are Clutter.” Couldn’t help responding to it.

There are times when I don’t get the kind of response from my friends on Facebook, contacts on LinkedIn, Tweeple from Twitter or the hard copy versions of the offline world (old world charm). At worst I mope for a second or two and quickly move on to the next idea that is teasing me to chase. That is where it ends. Or perhaps, I wonder if it is time I implement the social strategy and people strategy that I keep recommending to clients. I let the thought pass. Life is busy and there is no time to enjoy the view when you are up on the roller-coaster (the moment of contradiction to the good intentions set on Pause to Applause…and that is what I call is life). I focus on enjoying the ride – the highs, the lows and the pauses. All through this I enjoy the company of people – friends, acquaintances, colleagues, classmates, clients, commuters, co-conspirators, bossom-pals, somewhere-I-think-I-saws to sometime-I-think-I-mets, et al. I call them ‘friends’ for simplification. How else can one explain your 4th grade teacher on your Friends’ list or the prospect on LinkedIn with whom the meeting could never happen!

So no matter how wicked the moment made me, or how bad the mood, or how silent you had been, I love you all, my cluster (no! I never said ‘clutter’).

What kind of friends do you have, cluster or clutter?


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