Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 25, 2013

Will You Pass the “Do you know your Customer?” Test?


Time to Take the Test

For all the customer-centric initiatives you have implemented and the constant drive you give your teams on customer focus, it is time you check if all the effort you put in has really helped in understanding your customer.

Answer the questions and judge for yourself on where you stand. No cheating please!

  1. Who is your customer?

To pass:

If you are a B2C, you got to sketch the profiles with details regarding the age, gender, relationship status, occupation, financial standing, interests and as much about the attitude too.

If you are a B2B, check if you can tell the type of business they are in, the size – Micro enterprise/ SME / large multinational and their business objectives.

  1. Why do they come to you?

To pass:

You should be able to know what they are looking for when they come to you. If you know your customer so well that you also have an insight into their hidden needs, give yourself a bonus mark.

  1. When is the purchase made?

The intention to buy, the purchase decision and the actual purchase may have a time gap between each stage. Can you predict these to the closest extent so that you can be in their vicinity at all these stages and the buying will be in your favor.

  1. Where do they buy?

Rather, how do they buy? Do you know their preferred channel? Do they go online or prefer to talk to a sales rep?

  1. For how much will they see the value in your offering?

To pass this, you have to know how much your customer would be willingly spend to take your service or buy your product.

  1. How can you contribute to increasing their feel-good factor?

Do you have an idea on how you can delight them through their purchase. Are you able to fulfil their expectations – be it the delivery, post-sale service or proactive customer support?

  1. Does your customer like you?

Are you the preferred choice or just another vendor by coincidence? Do you know your stand vis-à-vis your competition in their minds? Do they enjoy interacting with you? Do they like you so much as to ‘talk’ about you in a positive way? Or have you given them such an experience that you need to brace yourself to face the high tide of negative sentiment.

NOTE: The questions total to a maximum of 7 marks. But the attempt to take the test accounts for 3 marks J

Can you share your score please? 



  1. Madhavi, well thought out list of questions. I suggest a few more that I believe are important in the B2B context:

    8. Who is your customer? The purchase guys who release the paperwork, the evaluating team who interact in pre-sales situation, the user department who ends up with your product, the QC team who inspects your product or the decision makers?

    9. Given a choice, will your customer return to you? Will he refer his friends to you? Will he recommend/endorse your products?

    • Thanks Jai for ‘responding with more questions’. Yes, we need to know their influencers too to precisely get under the customer’s skin.

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