Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 27, 2013

The Must-Reads for Kids in Less than 7 Words!!!

Last Friday, we talked about the pleasure of reading to our kids. Today, we shall visit some of the books that we can pick for them.

There are different lists of books that every child must read. There is a top 100 list, a top 50 and a top 10 too. And then there are the new best-seller lists too.  This list that I compiled here is based on the inputs from the little readers themselves. So it is not some publisher or writer or you or I who decide on what kids enjoy. As an after-thought I need to admit that, these were my favorites too when I was a kid. Actually, I enjoy reading some of them even now.

The one other difference between this list and others is that I tried to write the gist of the book in less that 7 words (now don’t ask me why 7!):

  • Panchatantra

Animals speak sense for kids and adults.

  • Cinderella

Good girl loses shoe, finds a prince.

  • Prince and the Pauper

Exchange places to go places. Find destiny.

  • Ivan Hoe

Knights, Fights and Romanticized British History

  • Three Musketeers

Three vs. One; then Four overcome Enemy.

  • Count of Monte Cristo

Revenge, Patience, Planning and Treasure Hunt

  • Wars of the Roses

Long War between Red and White Roses

  • 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Living under sea in the first submarine

  • Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Risks/ Returns of being a Naughty Boy

  • Oliver Twist

Persistent kid’s journey from poverty to comfort

  • Black Beauty

Horse’s Life from the Horse’s mouth

  • Anne of Green Gables

A girl’s childhood – adventures, dreams and fun

  • The Secret Seven Series

Mysteries solved, adventures lived by 7 kids

  • The Famous Five Series

Four kids plus dog thrive on adventures

  • Hans Christen Anderson’s Fairy Tales

Fairies, Magic and Happy Endings

  • Alice in Wonderland

Girl eats/drinks something and adventure begins

  • Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Story of a Split Personality told differently

  • Gulliver’s Travels

Surviving among tiny people and giants

  • Little Women

Simple and joyful story of Four Sisters

  • Tom Brown’s School Days

Hostel life of an English Boy

  • R.K Narayan’s works

Witty insight to very Indian life, pre-independence

  • Room with a View

Anglo-Indian boy’s life in Mussorie

  • Harry Potter Series

Larger than life story of magicians

  • Robinson Crusoe

Shipwrecked survivor’s solitary life on island

And the list goes on and on…


  • The true love
  • Freedom to the child – bridled or unbridled
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Brave Little kite
  • A Face In The Dark
  • Ramayana
  • Mahabharata
  • Pinocchio
  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Wishing Chair
  • A Mahatma called Gandhi
  • Geronimo Stilton
  • Narnia

Need to work on those in seven words though;)

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”
― C.S. Lewis



  1. Thanks madhavi

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    • I am glad you liked it.

  2. Loved all the 7 word gists but of all Gulliver’s travels (Surviving among tiny people and giants). U seem to gave a great management case for a medium scale entreprise :)))

    • You just brought attention to smthng interesting to explore..thx Sunitha!

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