Posted by: Madhavi CN | September 29, 2013

Fill it with Millets @ Aahar Kuteer

Hyderabad is a great place for food lovers. But if you are looking for the low-spice, low oil type then you need to go hungry. After having tried at most places, I have given up on eating-out. Except for Asal in Hitech city and a Rajasthani mess in Sindhi colony (both of which have closed for good now), I have not come across any that fit into this category. This makes me wonder if being a true Hyderabadi calls for relishing and thriving on hot, spicy and greasy food!

On a busy and tiring day when stepping into the kitchen to create a meal is tantamount to cruelty to myself, I quickly make a choice between an oatmeal porridge and Maggi. Now please don’t remind me of that FB post that is doing the rounds saying how harmful Maggi noodles are. That is how life is being lived here until I came across the article on Aahar Kuteer in The Hindu. Actually, the article was mailed to me by a close friend (a Hyderabadi) who freelances from Mussorie. That is what friends are for – they understand our unvoiced demands.


Whoever wrote that article on Aahar Kuteer and clicked those pics, they did a great job. It was a charming place with a compelling story of two people – Sri and Ram, finding their true calling. [No prizes for guessing that they were from the IT industry. Surely, this industry knows how to spur people into quitting their jobs and making alternative and more exciting careers! 😉 ] Aahaar Kuteer takes pride in calling itself the city’s only eatery serving primarily millet-based dishes. It definitely had all the qualities that I was waiting for. What more, I could do away with the traffic trauma as it was nestled somewhere really close to where I live!

This evening I took my family there. I kept the Millet part of it in wraps as I was not sure if they, especially the kids, would be game for it.

The lane in which this place is located is of not much positional advantage but I understand the kuteer space belongs to one of the partners. So it all falls in place, why they chose to stay where they are.

Parking is the first concern anywhere we go these days. This place had space to park 3 cars but some super intelligent person hogged all the space. Helmets off to this person, whoever it is! Since there are a number of by-lanes all around, we have ample scope to fish around for our parking space. That is what we did.

We entered the place and waited along with half a dozen others. One look and it occurs that Aahar Kuteer is not ready to take in sudden spurt in visitors. Spoke to Sri, the creative brain behind the place, and he admitted to the same. I hear someone warn him from the kitchen not to take any orders for take-aways. Being in no mood to go back, I tell him we would wait on the terrace that was shown in the article. The unexpected increase in the clientele led them to set the tables on the ground floor verandah instead of the terrace. Kids preferred to take to the terrace and so did I.

20130928_210737We chose to go the self-service route and enjoy it on the terrace.

The menu was all millet-based. It was simple but looked inviting. Never imagined millet phulkas would be that light. Millet pulao was yummy (Thanks Ram, the magic hand in the kitchen!). It was the mixed vegetable curry that was extremely spicy and I was totally unprepared for that. Kids were gasping. Sri, who is the kuteer’s face to the customers said they are always low on spice but the business rush today was not something they were prepared to handle and it showed in everything, including the kitchen. He requested with a smile that I suggest friends to visit them on the weekdays until they are prepared to deal with their popularity.

Yeah, preparing for success is not in doing just the hard work, it also places a demand on including the flexibility to rapidly expand without any compromises. I wish that for Aahar Kuteer…so that I get to enjoy a get-together with my friends there…soon.


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