Posted by: Madhavi CN | October 4, 2013

Everybody Vs. Nobody – The Perfect Balance

Everybody has something to say and Nobody listens.

Everybody has questions to ask and Nobody answers them.

Everybody has fears and Nobody has got the guts.

Everybody wants it different and Nobody makes the difference.

Everybody says “I-told-you-so” and Nobody agrees to it.

Everybody knows they want it and Nobody knows what/why they want.

Everybody wants to teach and Nobody wants to learn.

Everybody has a pain and Nobody remembers it.

Everybody wants natural abundance and Nobody wants to conserve.

Everybody wants more and Nobody is OK with less.

Everybody wants to change and Nobody is ready to change.

Everybody desires solutions and Nobody solves problems.

Everybody wants punctuality and Nobody is on time.

Everybody needs trust and Nobody believes.

Everybody promises and Nobody delivers.



  1. Nice poetry… but why so cynical?

    • Cynical, whimsical, optimistic, pessimistic, pedantic, pragmatic…and sometimes plain idiotic – facets of me and my so-called poetry 😉

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