Posted by: Madhavi CN | February 14, 2014

50 Tips on Love Beyond Valentine

Word of caution: The thoughts that swarmed-in on Valentine’s Day for Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Dreamers, Players, Strategists, Customer Care Agents, CXOs, Big Data Analysts, Social Media Experts, Writers, Artists…& People in general. At times, it might get quite mushy. 😛

  1. Love yourself first!
  2. Love for Customers is a Love-beyond-Valentine.
  3. Make your customers feel your love.
  4. Customers can become your star salesmen if you love them right.
  5. When you love something, learn to find time for it.
  6. Don’t ever ignore what you love – whatever it is.
  7. Twitter – An engagement that none can afford to miss. Tweet.
  8. Social Media lets you show the love for your customer.
  9. Love is definitely overrated, until YOU get touched by it.
  10. To Lead, your need to know to Love.
  11. Mutual love & respect is at the core of successful leaders & teams.
  12. Do we need to find a reason to love?
  13. Customer Experience ROI gets low when you don’t invest on love for Customer.
  14. Readers love your content when it is Valuable, Engaging, Simple.
  15. Keep your content Valuable, Engaging & Simple.
  16. If there is burnout, it may not be love.
  17. Social Media channels – windows for true love for the customer.
  18. Our memory wins and experiences survive – Love fades not fails.
  19. Every new job starts with love. And then HR messes it up.
  20. Love fuels performance. Make your employees love you.
  21. Lasting change happens b’coz we hate the status quo and not b’coz we love the change more.
  22. Love is one long adventure that you get to ‘create’.
  23. Secrets come eventually. But love is not a secret. Show it before it shows itself.
  24. It is always an adventure to fall in love.
  25. Customers’ service requests are occasions to test your love.
  26. People read b’coz they love the writer/ ideas/ words or reading!
  27. Let your blog be read more for the love of content than for you.
  28. Don’t limit your blog readership to those who love you.
  29. Reality Check: Parents, siblings, partner and a couple of friends are the only ones that love your blog?
  30. The first duty of customer love is listening
  31. When you love the game, you don’t care for the Yellow card. You play.
  32. Love yourself. Self-promote skills.
  33. Excess love, leads to Ex-Love.
  34. Love is all about relativity.
  35. Love is not the verb for cynics.
  36. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to prove love.
  37. Why not live love every day?
  38. Listen well to love well.
  39. Love does need a backup plan.
  40. True love, puppy love, practical love, first love, final love…Adjectives do not matter.
  41. Customers hate complacent love. Create the right customer experience.
  42. Complacent love is killing. Create moments of inspiration.
  43. Study your challenge of real love for customer.
  44. Watch out if your challenge of real love for customer is about fulfilling the promised service.
  45. Staying connected after the first rush of love is a big headache & heartache
  46. To learn, you need to love learning. It doesn’t matter how old you are!
  47. Explore & Experiment Love. It would be a life-time experience.
  48. Big love for Big Data – One love where excess is not a sin.
  49. Listening is an act of love
  50. I love my coffee, colors, creativity, conversations, comedy, clients, chums, cuddling my DD, cool DH…and of course chocolate! What do you love?


  1. Well well….I think what you just need is a big round of applause….loved reading ur blogs….feeling elated being ur friend….Happy blogging…CNMADHAVI well done.

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