Posted by: Madhavi CN | June 19, 2014

13 Reasons Why to Say NO to the Rat Race



You got to say NO to the rat race because..

1. You participate in the race and you risk being labelled a racist
2. You don’t want copycats chasing you
3. It may be a race into a lab
4. It gets lonely on the top and rats thrive on companionship
5. Cheese is not exactly what you want to win when you are watching your weight
6. Rats have excellent memories and you are smart enough not to rub your brethren in the wrong way
7. You cannot rat out midway
8. Someone may rat on you about your involvement in doping
9. You do not like to rat around such frivolous activities
11. There is no fun in competing with rug rats
12. You already smell a rat


13. Even if all goes well and you win, you are still a rat!


  1. this post has really rattled me :)) well put Madhavi

  2. I’m gRATeful that you toleRATed the narRATive even if it RATtled you 😉

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