Posted by: Madhavi CN | February 25, 2016

Inspiring Innovation

Businesses have heard the clarion call for innovation and are attempting ways to make innovation part of their culture and routine. Innovation starts with ideas and hence enterprises are working on institutionalizing idea generation. Companies are setting up formal training programs and workshops to enable their people with the right tools and processes for creative thinking and making them as idea generation machines.  Idea factories are being built by creating systems for gathering, sharing and funneling ideas from people across the organization.

These efforts to raise organizational creativity for idea potential may result in a huge database of ideas or at its best, it may lead to big data analytics on ideas. But all the creativity and idea generation might in no way make any significant contribution to actual innovation.

Ideas do not automatically nurture innovation. They need to be backed by the passion and energy of people. More importantly, new ideas need a champion who not only promotes the idea but enrolls others to maximize it.

There is no element that can compensate for the lack of human drive, enthusiasm and commitment. It is this vital aspect that needs to be recognized by organizations before driving innovation for excellence. This journey often requires breaking through years of conditioning and embracing disruptive change.


  1. Ideas are to be recognised and rewarded only then motivation will give raise to innovative ideas 👍

    • True. And recognizing and rewarding by the self is the first step.

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