Posted by: Madhavi CN | February 26, 2016

Understanding Change

Untitled‘Change’ is a key word when it comes to the health of interpersonal relationships. If I can risk facing a heated debate here, I would have said, ‘change’ is the bone of contention in marriage. I am going to leave the heated debates for Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswami to handle while I stick to discussing change in any relationship per se.

We love/hate it because the other person has changed! We love/hate it because the other person has not changed!!

The other day my friend offered to return the library books that I borrowed and were due for return (so typical of him and how I love it). But instead of saving me from paying the overdue, he left my books to languish in his car for a whole week (so unlike him and how I hate it!). This does not mean that I hate change; it is only the context that makes me love or loathe it. I celebrate when my team throws a surprise party for me instead of following the routine of cajoling me into hosting one.

How does the change work for us? Does it give us a benefit – materialistic or otherwise? Or does it leave an uneasy after- taste? This equation is quite simple to follow. But what about those changes that do not matter much to us and yet we take a strong stand on them? Things like Facebook changing its layout or Google changing its color scheme or the changed logo of a company. These do not impact our usage at all, yet we are either thrilled or killed with the change. Is this our acute sense of aesthetics that makes us react so? Or is it our personality’s predisposition towards the concept of change?

Wait for the next one about:

Top 5 changes that people Love and Top 5 changes the people Hate!  Any guesses about what makes it to the list?



  1. Change or changing is a subject matter for debate and as you said we leave it to Arnab Giswami 👏👏🤣🤝

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