Posted by: Madhavi CN | June 9, 2016

My Heady Potpourri 


Family Pic – Thank you Mario Miranda! 

Some families are good and boring. Some are bad and roaring. But when it comes to the craziness quotient (let’s call it CQ) each tries to outdo the other. I can get away by saying that all Indian families are at par when it comes to the CQ. On a closer look, I definitely feel my family is a sure winner in this segment. If you have some adventure in your soul, I will take you for a peep into my family and its perky people.

Like any family that typically shares the same gene pool, surname and the wifi, we too share the same but that is where it ends. It is not that we are mean or unkind to each other, it is just that everyone (and that includes even the tiny people) have strong opinions, ideas and ideals to scout for. We believe in voicing it out even if there is no one to hear; rather, there is not much that can be heard. It’s a boisterous blend of generations and a medley of relationships. There are nephews who are older than their aunts, staunch bachelors who are grandfathers and even a just-born who is an uncle by birth! It gets quite complicated when a kid needs to scream out that the sister-in-law’s brother’s son has snatched away his ice-cream. In such situations, a ‘that-fellllllooooow’ did-whatever, is considered acceptable. Yeah, we don’t sweat the small stuff.

Now that we got the essence of beating the complexity out of the relationships, it’s time we discuss the personalities. Ours is an alphabet family; we have some OCDs, ADDs, ADHDs, MPDs, PTSDs and so on. Oh, none of them are clinical cases…(as yet!) but I seriously think they are close to that. If you had met my MIL after the daily dose of her favorite soap, you would emphatically nod that she is the PTSD case. She would be in shell-shock and would be continuously mumbling about the ordeal the poor bejeweled, chiffon saree-clad driver’s daughter is undergoing, as a daughter-in-law of the ‘big house’. You may forget that she was only referring to the heroine of the daily soap and start empathizing with her. There were actually cases in the past to prove it. To prevent any possible harm, let’s agree on the colorful personalities my family nurtures and leave it at that.

When I talk about the daily soap, I think I should also tell you the way some of my family members watch the TV. There is one who does fing(a)erobics with the remote, some who hide the remote and some who sit on the remote to have complete control of it. It is not only about the remote but the TV shows too. My FIL watches the same news item in every possible news channel, my husband has a penchant to toggle between the sports and business news, and snore in between; my aunt (the actual relationship is quite complex but let me simplify it so) who breaks into an-out-of-tune-but-loud devotional chant every time the bhakti channel is on and then there is my sister who sits before the TV to get busy on Whatsapp! I bet, a family that eats together, prays together may not stay together if it were asked to watch the TV together!

Eats together? Mmm…that reminds me of food and our family’s take on it. We all eat what’s cooked by the people in the kitchen. When I say people, I mean the whole lot. At any time, our kitchen is the most occupied room in the house. Almost everyone in the family is there – giving suggestions, configuring the recipe, reworking the menu, tasting the ingredients or just figuring out where to join. There are too many cooks, just too many cooks! Don’t want to say more, but you get a freehand to figure out the obvious.

We neither give each other the Karan Johar’s hugs or the Balaji Telefilms’ snide remarks. We are bad for we prick and poke; we are good, for then we kiss to heal. And in between all that, we are totally crazy. We stay together for we do not know how else to be!


  1. Too many cooks spoil the broth ? 👏👏 The article is good 👍

    • Give each cook a dish to work on so that the broth gets spared 😉

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