Posted by: Madhavi CN | March 19, 2018


If a book was picked, I had to finish it, end to end. That was until I realized the pointless reading of a book that was in no way good. If the book doesn’t deserve my time, I quit, and use that time to read something worthwhile. #QUITTINGisOK


Patience is not a virtue when it comes to watching a bad movie. You already spent money on it, now you are spending the more precious time on it! There definitely must be some movies right on your mind that you watched as you vainly hoped thought that they would get better by some divine providence. #QUITTINGisOK when it comes to movies like that.

Dealing with certain people is more than a headache. It leaves a bad after taste that sometimes lingers all through your productive day. You cannot afford fixing such people unless of course you are getting paid handsomely for it. Just show some compassion to such souls but rest assured that #QUITTINGisOK for you.

Learning is not always fun. Some of the courses and certifications that you pursue do not make any sense to you. You might be dragging yourself through it with pain and regret. #QUITTINGisOK when you are yearning to learn something meaningful to your life and goals.

Careers are made when we are in a job that we look forward to. The job that is contributing to your livelihood now may not be something that you want to see yourself in, in another 5 years. But if it is something that is challenging you instead of sapping you with its monotony, then you should seriously reconsider the reasons for quitting. If not, #QUITTINGisOK.

“No, Thank you” is a life saver. You might have realized so many times that your efforts to please someone have caused more pain for you than pleasure for them. Yet, you steadfastly attempt at pleasing others by ignoring your priorities, limitations and likes/dislikes. It is time you uttered ‘NO’. #QUITTINGisOK when it comes to obliging the world.

Comfort kills. The stress-free oasis of calm that you enjoy in your comfort zone is quite addictive. You need ample will power, drive and positivity to step out. Taking risks is what helps you to grow. Vulnerability adds to adventure. And adventure will help you reach your higher potential. #QUITTINGisOK as comfort is a slow death.

It is not about quitting when the going gets tough but quitting to live a purposeful life rather than dragging yourself through bad choices. #QUITTINGisOK when it helps you explore and expand your horizons.


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