Posted by: Madhavi CN | March 22, 2018

Psst…A Secret into Victoria’s Secret

I always wanted to know if every woman loved Victoria’s Secret? I think every woman is unique and when it comes to lingerie, she is extremely picky. We may compromise regarding the man we date, the job we take or even the dress we wear. But in matters closest to the skin, there is no settling for the middle ground. We like what makes us feel the best – free, fun and fab. So each of us here have our favorites – Calvin Klein, DKNY, Hanes, Enamor, Lovable, Jockey and the list goes on.


We got the myth about every woman’s love for VS busted there. Now let’s move to the next. Do not assume that all women enjoy their man gifting them lingerie! Some of us barely conceal our disappointment when we open the gift and find some chaddis popping out! And some of us hate it and in fact rate it as male aggression or female stereotyping. Oh no! It’s not a feminist thing, it’s just the way we are – unpredictable, mysterious, determined, forthright, fussy…. Basically, there are a significant number of women who prefer if men shower them with other gifts and leave them to pick what they want when it comes to lingerie.

Now for the final eye-opener: we are damn loyal, be it a man that we care or a piece of underwear. It’s such a painful process when the time comes to bid adieu to our undergarment. We fall so much in love with this piece of fabric which lies next to our skin, that it may cause a psychological impact, trauma in fact, as we part with it. And if by a twist of the cruel fate, we lose our favorite piece prematurely, we are ripped apart, distressed and totally devastated. I have to share my painful story here. They say, if we share our pain with people who can empathize, we would heal faster. I am sure no one can understand this better than you all.

I give my lingerie the TLC that every chaddi worth its stretch deserves. I don’t drop it in the washing machine along with all the other garments – the commoners, as we can call them. They are given the elite wash treatment, I mean light-wash treatment. I never dry them in the direct harsh sunlight. I personally fold them gently (to the point that I can almost see my Benares sarees sulking with jealousy) and keep them safely in a special draw. It was a regular bright morning that ominous day. I finished my chores, put the clothes (lingerie included) to dry, made coffee and got immersed in a book. I did not expect it to happen that day. If I had the slightest premonition, I would have taken care. As per Murphy’s Law, if something is bound to go wrong, it will. This was it, tsk-tsk!

I picked my clothes and soon realized my favorite chaddi missing! Instinctively, I looked down from my balcony on the 5th floor and there it was, sprawled on the ground, my pretty, comfy companion for life. I had to go and pick it up before it was too late. It was evening and I know that the folks in my apartment are over-enthusiastic as they return home, they are bound to drive over my lost treasure. I hurriedly took the elevator, pressed ‘G’ agitatedly and stood staring in deep thought and hope. As I rushed to the spot, I realized a group of evening walkers chit chatting nearby and then there were these teenage kids and then there was our security guy trying to workup the motor and it seemed that the whole world was right there! I was too embarrassed to pick the solitary piece and too torn-apart to leave it there. It was calling me. Before I knew it, a Skoda drove over it! Ouch! A little boy picked it up and shouted if it belonged to any of us. Some ignored, many giggled. And I forsook my chaddi as if it were no longer my buddy! I deserted it. I ditched it. The guilt is heavy in my heart.


  1. Victoria’s Secret is now public and you are the culprit 👏👏🤣🤣🤣

    • LOL…High time some secrets got spilled out

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